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There is a time and place to initiate full on tourist mode but there is also a time when you want to live like a local and travel like a local, and no you don’t have to apply for a visa and literally move countries to experience the local life. All of these tips can easily be done during a quick one week vacation or even a weekend getaway.

Here’s 7 ways you can travel like a local…

Go During Low-Season

I personally prefer to travel during the shoulder-seasons as you not only get the discounted rates but the weather isn’t the polar opposite and tours are still running. However, if you really want to skip all the tourists and see what a town is truly like when they aren’t flooded with travellers then head out during low season.

As a bonus, you are probably more likely to get time off when everyone else isn’t requesting it.

Live Like a Local

For a lot of people, this could be a little bit out of your comfort zone if you aren’t used to couch-surfing. However, you do not have to sleep on a randoms couch to get the experience. Simply trade in your hotel room for an apartment or AirBnB that’s out in the suburbs rather than the touristy areas.

This way you can live in a locals house, shop at the nearby grocery stores and get a real feel for a living city.

First time using Airbnb? Check out these insane AirBnb listings around the world and if you want $45 off your first night, click here to sign up.

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Skip the International Bars

As fun as being an Australian and heading to an Australian bar that is filled with Australians sounds, it’s the main reason I left to travel – to get away from Australians. I want to see other cultures, so being able to head to a local hang out spot that isn’t filled with people who are exactly the same as me is a bonus.

Travel Like A Local

Like literally, get around the city or town on modes of transportation that a local workers commute would use. Jump on a bus or tram instead of those big red double decker tourist busses.

Ultimate Cambodia Geckos

Learn the Local Language

With so many countries and dialects around the world we totally understand if you just want to opt into learning a few key phrases. We always recommend learning greetings, apologies and thank you’s as well as being able to ask for directions.

Eat Locally

I feel like there is a bit of a trend going on here: live, eat, travel. This time we suggest you trade in your hotel restaurants and fast food chains and instead look for local food vendors or mum & pop shops that don’t have lines out the door filled with “I Love NY” tops.

Whilst you are there do some research or ask around about what the local dishes and cuisines are and then jump on Zomatoe and find the best place in town that serves those dishes.

Cooking Class 5

Or just cheat – Download an App

Okay, okay we are definitely guilty of doing this one. We had a trip to China organised at very late notice and didn’t have any time to take Mandarin classes, but enough time to jump on the App Store to get the Google Translate.

There are offline translation features available but if you want to fully use all the features, grab a local sim card. Though not perfect, still revolutionary and helped us so much, even when I was just asking for some sugar for my coffee.

Still want to use an app and not cheat? We honestly cannot recommend Duolingo enough. It actually makes learning a language very fun!

Win 1 of 10 Urban Adventure Tours

We have teamed up with Urban Adventures to give away not just one but 10 of their new “Locals on Tap” tours that are now available in over 50+ destinations around the globe. We have personally been on a number of their tours while travelling through Canada, Vietnam and Cambodia and we highly suggest checking them out!

The whole idea behind “Locals on Tap” is for those travellers who head to a new and strange city and don’t know where to start. Rather than just going on a food tour to see what’s great to eat, you also have an intro session as well as a city meet-up included in your tour. That way you can make some new friends abroad on top of being shown the best places by a local.

How to enter? Just use the Gleam app below or head to their giveaway page. We have given you guys a bunch of ways to enter, just follow the links below and check back every 24 hours to add more entries into the mix.

Locals On Tap Tour Giveaway

Enter to win one of 10 “Locals on Tap” tours by Urban Adventures. 

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Thanks to Urban Adventures for supporting Flying the Nest, as always our opinions are our own.

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  • Paula

    Thanks for the tips and the giveaway! I love to get the local feel when I travel. I want to experience a place like someone who knows all the ins and outs.

  • Eating local for me is the biggest thing. Why eat McDonald’s in another country? Try something homemade at a mom and pop resturaunt or something from a street vendor!

  • I love these tips!! I hope to be able to international travel one day, I know I have done this in places like Hawaii so much fun!!

    • Hawaii is incredible! Which island did you go to?

  • Linzi Sutcliffe

    Totally agree and follow these tips already, I hate to see when people go on holiday and go straight to places that serve toasties and chips!!

  • Pam W

    I love traveling like a local. It’s such a great way to really get a feel for a place when you visit.

  • Totally agree with all of these! Eating like a local gets me the most. When in Cambodia part of my group went and ate pizza and pasta, totally missing out!

  • OH wow these are all great ways to travel like a local. I bet you have a lot of fun traveling!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    These are great tips for traveling like a local. It is much cheaper I think to travel during low season. When traveling where they have a different language it is best to learn it and an app would be the quickest way. Thanks for sharing the tips.

  • These are all great tips on traveling like a local! I can’t wait to travel internationally one day!!

  • I think these are good points. I’d want to absorb as much of the culture as possible and getting out of my comfort zone would be important.

  • You have a lot of great tips here. This is a really nice giveaway too. Whoever wins is going to be lucky.

  • Thanks for the tips – definitely something I’d try once. I like to go out as if I am a local most of the time – I mean, who doesn’t? Lol!

  • Thanks for the helpful tips. I find this to be one of the biggest challenges while traveling – how to fit in like a local!

  • I just brought a Russia Phrase book today. This is because I will be on a train in Russia for a whole week. Plus all its former colonies and territories do speak it.

    I love eating street food. But the important thing is to make sure its boiling hot and it’s well cooked.

  • I would love to travel more in the future – sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for the tips!

    • Fingers crossed you win so you can go on a nice little tour 🙂

  • Jeanine @

    I wish I traveled more. It just hasn’t really happened much. These are some great tips I will keep in mind for the future!

  • Brett A Horting

    Great tips, I also use Duolingo. Travel like a local, they will respect you more. Learn as many common phrases and numbers as possible

    • Duolingo is fantastic – we actually were in Alaska when we first found it – we had a German group with us and we tried our best to learn some german phrases – it was mostly for fun!

  • Lexy

    Great article guys!


    I am travelling tomorrow. I am using AirBnb for the first time. Thanks for these tips as I plan to travel again outside our country next year. ^_^

  • Fi Ni Neachtain

    Really great tips. We always try to travel during low season if we can because we want to see the true life of place not just tourist season.

    • We try our best to travel during shoulder seasons, sometimes more places are closed during off season!

  • Ana Ghica

    Food brings people together and it can tell you a lot about a country and its culture. That’s why we always look for the ”shabby” and small places to eat, even when we are at home.

  • Ana Maria Ghica

    Food brings people together and it can tell you a lot about a country and its culture. That’s why we always look for the ”shabby” and small places to eat, even when we are at home.

    • So many times I have gone down dodgy looking alleyways and had the best food and conversations at the end of it!

  • Helena Lemon

    I definitely think that traveling like a local gives you more opportunity to see things authentically, rather than from a touristy point of view!

    • 100% agree – such a more authentic way to see the world & culture!

  • Chrissy Hme

    These are great tips. I always wondered about AirBnB. It sounds like it’s worth giving it a try.

  • sara

    I love all these tips. It is so much fun to travel as a local. When my kids were young we always used to travel as soon as the kids went back to school and it was great.

  • Kübra Kısa

    also you can find some meetings or friends from meet-up. it Works well!

  • levy

    I agree with all the tips you have mentioned above. Eat and Travel local will save you a lot of money

  • Oh no critis

    Reading this blog post and having watched your vlogs im pretty disapointed in how fake this all is. You say eat and live local. Subway almost everyday? Starbucks and tim hortins? Get to Europe and insult the locals by not even trying to look up how to pronounce names correctly. Then you advise others as if you live like locals. Seems to me you are tourists who visit locations to just say you went there not experience it at all. Sad.