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Wether you are travelling solo or with a friend/partner, meeting fellow travellers abroad can be both enriching and fun. The big question is how do you meet travellers? and don’t worry you don’t just have to walk up to someone and awkwardly start up a conversation, there are other ways.

Get An App: HobSpot

No we aren’t talking about Tinder, we are talking about a brand new app called Hobspot, the app that connects people through hobbies. So if you are like us and not only love to travel but also chat travel with friends, this is the app for you.

The app is currently available in Australia, with plans to expand internationally. You can pick your hobbies (ours were travel, coffee and movies) and the radius from your location which is perfect if you don’t have a car and can’t drive more than 5km from your hotel. Download the app today and add us so we can start chatting.

Go on a Local Tour

So this one will more than likely end up with you meeting other tourists, not locals. However, depending on what you are looking for this can be the perfect way to meet other travellers. You are both there for the same reason and thats to see the brand new city you arrived in.



On top of having free accommodation for the night you are generally paired up with someone who is outgoing or at least wanting to meet people from around the world – because why else would they be putting up their couch? Extroverts unite!

Go on a Small Group Tour

This one is an expansion of the local tour, instead you go on a week long or month long expedition with travellers from around the world. We have done several small group tours including one in Alaska and Cambodia and our verdict is – we love it! Since then we have kept in contact with so many incredible fellow travel addicts and have friends from all around the world.


Chat to your Airplane Seat Buddy

You never know, the person sitting right next to you on your plane may be in the same position as you – looking for someone to explore with.

Take a Language Class

If you are planning to head to a foreign country for an extended period of time, why not learn the local language? Whilst you are at a class, you are more than likely to find international students who are there for the same reason. Grab a drink after a class and watch the friendship start to blossom.

Volunteer Abroad

As you may have noticed from our Volunteering Abroad section on our blog, we just love volunteering. On top of working with some incredible animals and communities you also work full time with other travellers with plenty of bonding time at no extra expense.

Teaching English 40

Staying a Hostel

Hostels are fantastic places to meet up with people. On top living in a dorm with other people, there are plenty of organised social events, cafes, bars hang out zones to chat.

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Thanks to Hobspot for supporting Flying the Nest. As always, all opinions are our own.

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