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If you have been catching up on our Cape Town vlogs in South Africa you would be well and truly educated in our thoughts on why this is not only one of the most beautiful cities in the world but also one of our favourites. As great as exploring a city on foot is, sometimes it takes an aerial view to really appreciate its beauty and no we didn’t bring the drone out for these shots.

Even though we did name Table Mountain and paragliding off Signal Hill great ways to see the city from above – I think we found the best way to see Cape Town and that’s with NAC Helicopters.

Cape Town Helicopter Rides & Tours

There are a bunch of helicopter tours and rides on show in Cape Town, we opted to do the Quick Hopper Tour which seems to be the most popular option and lasts for about 15 minutes. We did feel that the ride went super quick, but mostly because you really aren’t covering a whole lot of ground – the thing is you don’t need to.

The absolute wow moments are from start to finish, as you get used to the feeling of being in a chopper the iconic shot of Cape Town’s city bowl (the main CBD area including everything from Signal Hill to Table Mountain) hits in you in the face. Then as you start to recover the beautiful views of Signal Hill and Table Mountain come in before you end your circuit with the twelve apostles.

The ride might’ve felt quicker than our red centre ride because there was so much to see the entire time.

Quick tip: You don’t have to worry about missing any shots depending on which side you ride on. You go up and down the exact same route so if you missed Table Mountain on the first go, you get it on the return trip.


  • Waterfront including the Cape Wheel
  • Cape Town Stadium
  • Signal Hill
  • Devil’s Peak
  • Table Mountain
  • Green Point
  • Sea Point
  • Clifton
  • Camps Bay
  • Twelve Apostles

Is It Worth Your Time?

The short answer is yes! A very resounding yes! This honestly is the best way to see Cape Town’s beauty and at a very reasonably priced $315 for 3 people, grab some friends or hostel mates and chip in, it will be one of the most memorable adventures you get up to in the city.

Cape Town Helicopter Video Tour

What a way to end our final days in Cape Town. If you want to catch Jess braving it in the helicopter (she is quite afraid of heights) then check out our daily vlog below of our time with NAC Helicopters.

You can book a Cape Town City Hopper Tour with NAC Helicopters for R3240 ($315 AUD) for up to 3 people – so that’s like $105 per person.

Stephen and Jess signoff

Flying The Nest was welcomed as a guest of NAC Helictopers, however as always all opinions are our own.


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