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Bula! (thats hello in Fijian) We would like to share with you our experience of being covered head to toe in mud duirng our time at the beautiful city of Lautoka in Fiji.

Once arriving at Sabeto Mud Pools we were greeted by a smiling Fijian who would be our guide for the day. We were ushered to a small hut where we changed into our bathing gear (little tip – don’t wear your best bikini as the sulphur in the mud can cause discolouration, plus you are about to be covered completely in mud!)

Hut in Fiji

Mud Pool Fiji

We were then taken to the mud pools and given a large wooden bucket full of mud that had just been retrieved from the bottom of the pool and we were told to start slapping it on – not too thick and not too thin, but just right. We spent the next 10 minutes painting ourselves in mud. This was the result …

Mud Pools Fiji


The next step was to lay out in the sun and let it dry. We took a seat and listened to our guide share stories about his life in Fiji and how the mud pools came about. He spoke to us about the muds healing powers and the benefits it has on ones body, spirit and mind. When the mud began to dry and crack against our smiles, we made our way into the mud pool to wash it off – jumping into a mud pool to wash off mud doesn’t sound quite right, does it?

jess in mud

Stephen in Mud

Jumping into that mud pool was a bizarre feeling. We took one step in and our feet began to sink down into the mud, I never felt the bottom of the pool floor. Unsure of what was lurking underneath, we began scrambling about, scrubbing off the mud as fast as we could. Once we got out I felt my skin and it was silky smooth – maybe this mud stuff does work wonders like our guide said?


At last we could dive into the  pool we had been waiting for – the hot springs. Once stepping in we knew why they emphasised the hot in hot springs… it was hot! We swam around, rubbing off any last traces of mud and relaxed until we couldn’t take the heat any longer. Once I stepped out my muscles felt like jelly, they were so relaxed.

Fiji Hot Springs

If you are wanting a day at the spa, Fijian style, you must come and experience these natural mud pools at Lautoka!

Would you be willing to cover yourself in mud for beauty?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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