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I hands down believe that AirBnB alongside Uber has drastically shaken up the travel industry in a way we haven’t seen before. It wouldn’t have been possible to live abroad comfortably in Canada for $40 a night in our own unit if AirBnB hadn’t come along.

We are big advocates of AirBnB, if you want to not only save money but also travel as a local by staying in a locals house – then this is for you.

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Of course before you go ahead and swipe that digital credit card on that incredible mansion in Italy, did you check these few things before confirming?

Has it got everything you need?

For us we always need WiFi, a kitchen and of course the obvious – a nice big bed. We automatically punch those into the filters as nobody got time for no internet!

Location, Location, Location!

We tend to use the “easier than it really should be” map feature on AirBnB alongside Google maps. Upon adjusting the price range we then zoom into key areas that we want to explore. Once we have a rough idea of where we want to go, or as we like to call it “compromising and paying less but being far away from everything” we check for local buses, trains and do a quick Uber estimate to see how far we are away from the hot spots.

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Check those reviews, check the reviewers reviews.

As always you need to check reviews before booking a place. On paper, it can look incredible – the photos look nice and it has everything you need. In comparison to other review sites, AirBnB at least lets you know if the review is from a previous guest or not. This can be seen by the date below the review.

A review sounding a little bit off? A little too positive for your liking? Make sure you head on over to the reviewers profile to see if they have had any past reviews from hosts.

Rule of thumb: If the place is new with no reviews we tend to not book it.

Quick signs of a place you may want to reconsider:

  • Comments like “photos didn’t match the description”

  • Was hard to get in contact with the owner

  • Also if there are past reviews where issues were brought up and not fixed which can be seen with newer reviews complaining about the same issue.

What happens when things go wrong with AirBnB?

It can and will happen to the best of us. Read about our experience with the AirBnB support team when we couldn’t get into our Hollywood apartment at 11 o’clock at night!

Get $30 off your first night by signing up right here.


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  • hannahpatsimo

    Love AirBnB – I actually started using it when you had that problem in America (where you were locked out) in Slovenia. It was so easy it was laughable!

  • We love renting through AirBnB, it definitely gives you that “home sweet home” away from home feeling. On our last stay in San Francisco, we shared the Kitchen & Living Room area with the host. In the description it said we would have the house to ourselves. Thankfully the host wasn’t there the majority of the time. But when she was, she was quite lovely and fun to have around. Never the less find out before the specifics of the living situation, just in case you encounter the same issue and worse if your host is not that friendly.
    Rick & Marley

  • Taste of France

    The map doesn’t give the exact location of the rental. It’s kind of like with real estate listings–by not giving precise info, they keep you from making direct contact. But if you choose one place because of the location on the map, you might be surprised when it’s a couple of blocks away.
    Also, make sure that the rental is official. Lots of people are renting places illegally, not declaring the income, etc. It’s driving up rents in cities like Barcelona and it can be dangerous for the renter (if the place isn’t up to code or doesn’t have fire alarms).

  • Lys

    I love AirBnB! A friend introduced me to the service about 2-3 years ago; since then it’s always the first thing I check before looking at flights/hotels/etc. I really like that it’s a more personal experience than staying in a hotel. Next up is Rome, so excited 🙂

  • Alexis Towle

    As someone who had an AirBnB experience from hell I can relate to this. My host was hard to reach “because she had three kids”. We traveled from Toronto to Texas and wouldn’t reply to text or phone calls to give us the gate code for the house. She then told us it was an inconvenience for her cause she had to drive her husband to the airport that day….ARE YOU SERIOUS?! Don’t have an AirBnB if you can’t be available!!

  • I’ve definitely had my share of terrible AirBnB experiences, and I’ve learned to read reviews very, very carefully. It’s rare to see an overtly negative review for an Airbnb property because no one wants to criticize someone else’s home/living environment. If a guest has given a 4 or 5-star review but has lukewarm or curt comments underneath, that’s not a good sign. And if a place doesn’t have a ton of reviews– also not a good sign.