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We have been zip lining through urban jungles, luscious rainforests, but never from 100’s of meters high above the mountains. You would think after zip lining a few times around the world, the experience would slowly ware off, well they also say third times a charm.

During our recent visit to South Africa we had the best zip lining experience we have had to date! Heading up to Elgin for the day with Cape Canopy Tours saw us flying through a World Heritage Site, past waterfalls and valleys – a moment we wont easily forget.


So what can you expect with Cape Canopy Tours?

  • 13 platforms, over a 4 hour tour and bonus lunch (trust us you will be hungry after it’s all done)
  • One zip line, the final one goes for 320m! Certainly the longest we have ever been on and the highlight!
  • 4×4 ride up to the first platform which is great at first but can hurt your neck after you have been driving on rocks for a while – be cautious.
  • Breathtaking scenery as far as your eyes can see.


It seemed like the day would build in crescendo and if you know anything about Jess – she is deadly afraid of heights so starting small was ideal for her fears. We have always say that zip lining and parasailing is the perfect way to start for those a little nervous when it comes to heights.

It’s hard to not keep talking about the views, I can still picture the scenery today, months later. About halfway through the platforms your guide will tell you to look out for the waterfall below and if you missed it, don’t worry, just one more zip line will lead you to a bridge. There, high above the ravine you can walk across the bridge as you hear the sounds of the water splashing in the shadows below you.


Once it is all done and you’ve attempted to wipe that smile off your face (or shear horror – because remember the last zip line is the 320m in length!) a short hike will return you to the 4×4.

Wether you have zip lined before or this is your first time, we certainly cannot recommend experiencing Elgin Valley in South Africa enough. This is one crazy African zip lining tour we won’t forget.

You can book a zip line experience in Elgin Valley for R695 per person or about $60AUD.

What’s your craziest ziplining experience?

Stephen and Jess signoff

A big thanks to Cape Canopy Tours for taking us out for a crazy day of ziplining! As always, all opinions are our own.


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