Listen up Australia! We have just found the cheapest way to get to Europe this summer and you don’t have to worry about being crammed in a small plane for those crazy hours with no leg room. You can now comfortably get to Europe without breaking the bank so you can eat gyros in Greece, pizza in Italy and of course drink beer (because it’s cheaper than water) in Prague.

Scoot airlines have now started flying to Europe with their first stop being in Greece on their brand new 787 airliner. When Scoot heard we were getting married in Greece they kindly invited us to experience their very first flight from Perth to Athens via Singapore, and we simply had to jump at the opportunity. It’s honestly a bucket list item we never thought we would check off – experiencing an inaugural flight!

Make sure you check out our vlog to see what happens when an airline flies somewhere new for the first time, trust us when we say it was one of the funnest flights we have had ever.

Our Experience

Our journey started at Perth International Airport where Jess’s Maid of Honour dropped us off. With wedding suit in hand we had a quick check in and eagerly waited for boarding to commence. Having flown on a number of low cost carriers in the past we had prior expectations on the service, seat type and leg room – but boy were we wrong about Scoot!

Our plane was brand new, with more leg room than we expected and the staff were super friendly, they even stored the wedding suit for us in their business class section. The flight from Perth to Singapore was smooth and quick, with a cheeky nap along the way.

Once we arrived in Singapore we had 22 hours to explore the city before the inaugural flight to Athens. We had an incredible stay at The Fullerton Hotel (totally recommend them for a layover) as we explored the Gardens by the Bay, went shopping and marvelled at the Art & Science Museum before the time came to head back to the airport for our 2am flight.

Again, check in was quick and easy. When we arrived at our boarding gate we could feel the excitement in the air. Staff were taking selfies, passengers were dressed up in greek attire (there were best dressed competitions – you know, just your standard flight) and the plane was full of people just as pumped as we were to finally experience Greece!

Once we boarded and the flight was airborne the staff had games organised, they served food as Greek Gods and Goddesses and there was even a fashion show with the passengers who dared to dress up for the event! The winner got their seats paid for on the spot. This was definitely our favourite flight we have ever experienced and one we will never forget.

11 hours later we had landed in Athens!

Stephen and Jess signoff

Flying The Nest was welcomed as a guest on Scoot’s inaugural flight to Athens, however as always all opinions are our own.


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