1. Manhattanhenge, New York City

This event only happens twice a year during the summer solstice. The setting sun aligns with the east-west streets of the main street grid of Manhattan, New York City – creating one amazing sunset!

Best Sunset Places Around The World PHOTOS


2. The Serengeti, Tanzania

It’s like stepping into the real life Lion King!

Best Sunset Places Around The World PHOTOS


3. Grundarfjordur, Iceland

This Icelandic town is located between a mountain range and a lava field making for one amazing backdrop as you watch the sun set.

Best Sunset Places Around The World PHOTOS


4. Ayers Rock, Australian Outback

Ayers Rock (or Uluru) is the largest monolith in the world – one massive stone! It is so big that the clouds that move across the sky during sunset reflect its orange and red colours.

Best Sunset Places Around The World PHOTOS


5. Great Pyramids, Egypt

Watching the sunset as you watch the Pyramids and camels become silhouetted is breathtaking.

Best Sunset Places Around The World PHOTOS


6. The Maldives

There is just something about tropical islands and sunsets that just go so well together.

Waterbungalows Maldives

7. Santorini, Greece

The sunsetting against the blue and white town is gorgeous. As if we needed more of a reason to go to Santorini!

Best Sunset Places Around The World PHOTOS


8. Stonehenge, England

The prehistoric sight of Stonehenge is brought to life as you watch the sun pierce through the 50-tonne stones of this mysterious construction.

Best Sunset Places Around The World PHOTOS


Have you been lucky enough to experience any of these sunsets first hand?

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  • I am an early riser and am a sucker for a beautiful sunset. I should create a bucketlist:)

  • I’ve always wanted to see the Manhattanhedge!! 🙂 I’ve been in New York around the same time before but was too busy to make it out! Will def have to prioritize it on one of my trips.

  • If I could choose one, it would be Tanzania. But if someone offers to take me to any of the others, wouldn’t say no 🙂

  • Wow. I’ve never seen one of these but I think this suddenly became my top ten travel destinations. I’m in love with the art of sunsets but never thought to seek out special ones. Just another item for the bucket list!

  • insomnomaniac

    Lucky enough to have seen Santorini, and lived in Manhattan, so I’ve seen that one plenty. Gorgeous photos!

  • M


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