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After seeing this list of delicious vegetarian & vegan places to eat in Vancouver you will never say it’s hard to travel as a herbivore again!

Here are the best spots to grab breakfast, lunch and dinner in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

For breakfast:

Heirloom Vegetarian

This vegetarian/vegan restaurant has the best brunches ever! They only use organic, fair trade, local ingredients and serve delicious, healthy meals. You have got to try their vegan house made granola with coconut yogurt.

1509 West 12th Ave

Tao Organics

There tagline says it all – All organic. All raw. All vegan. All wheat & diary free. All delicious! If you love a fresh juice or smoothie in the morning we suggest their Tonik Exotik and for food the crêpe with real Canadian maple syrup.

131 West Esplanade

For lunch:

Tera V Burger

If you’re like us and love a good burger for lunch you need to check out Tera V Burger. They strive to provide healthy, tasty vegetarian burgers that even a meat eater will enjoy. We also love that any burger can be made vegan with daiya cheese and vegan mayo! We recommend you try their No Bull Burger.

2961 West Broadway

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The Wallflower

How can you not visit Canada without having poutine for lunch? If you are looking for a place that serves vegetarian and vegan poutine than you need to head to The Wallflower. Can you already guess what we are going to recommend?

2420 Main Street, Vancouver

For dinner:

The Naam Cafe

Founded back in 1968, The Naam Cafe is a full-service vegetarian restaurant. It’s located in the heart of Vancouver’s Kitsilano district and open 24 hours a day – the perfect place to cure those 2pm munchies! You have to try out their vegan, breadless Naam Burger.

2724 West 4th Avenue

Bandidas Taqueria

For the lovers of a good Mexican feast you need to grab dinner at Bandidas Taqueria. We love seeing a Mexican restaurant with a vegetarian twist – and for a crazy cheap price! You have to order the tacos! There are 7 different flavours, all which are amazing and for $14 for 6 you could try every flavour if you have the appetite.

2781 Commercial Drive

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For the sweet tooth:

Edible Flours

At Edible Flours vegan meets baking. All their goodies are natural, egg free and dairy free. We suggest you try the vegan ice cream cookie sandwich, but they also make amazing vegan cupcakes, donuts, breads, loaves and cakes.

2280 West Broadway

Earnest Ice Cream

My favourite food in the entire world is ice cream so I had to share this little gem with you. If you are vegan and love ice cream you need to try a scoop of their Vegan Maple Walnut flavour!

3992 Fraser St

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What is your favourite place to eat in Vancouver?

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