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Want to experience new destinations like a local? We have collated 8 easy-to-use apps that will help you travel more like a local. From where you eat and sleep to what you see and do, these apps have you covered.

1. Local Eats

Want to eat where the locals do? Local Eats features independently-owned restaurants and local places only. We also love the GPS “what’s near me” feature, to help you find the closest local food place to you.

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2. Spotted by Locals

Available in Europe and North America (for now), Spotted by Locals features guides and tips created by handpicked “Spotters” who live in the city they write about. They share their favourite spots to eat, play and relax in their beloved city.

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3. Airbnb

If you truly want to experience a new city like a local you need to ditch your hotel and stay in an Airbnb. People from around the world have put their flats, rooms, tree houses and even boats online for you to stay at for the fraction of the price of a hotel. We have used Airbnb to stay in cities from all around the world and is the perfect way to live in city and feel more like a local.

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4. Couchsurfing

Similar to Airbnb, however with Couchsurfing you get to stay for free! If you truly want to be immersed in your new environment and learn about a new culture first-hand this is perfect for you.

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5. WiFi Finder

Using your GPS, WiFi Finder will show you where the closest free & paid wireless locations are, no longer will you have to wander aimlessly looking for a wifi hotspot. WiFi Finder is located in 144 countries with over 650,000 locations, you will never be disconnected again!

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6. Eat With

If you truly want to eat like a local then you need to try Eat With. Ditch the restaurants and instead be invited to dine in the homes of local food lovers around the world. You can connect with amazing hosts, share travel stores and enjoy the delicious local cuisine.

7. Localeur

Want to experience a destination the same way locals do? Localeur is a community of local insiders who want to help you experience local in their city. Localeur gives you a curated look into what it’s like to be a local.


8. Foodict Food Dictionary

This handy app features more than 2,100 local and international food expressions. No longer do you need to panic while trying to choose what to order, you can simply pick any item off the menu with ease – just like a local.


Any apps you use to travel more like a local?

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