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I have to admit that at times when I am planning my travels for the year I head out to some of my favourite blogs for inspiration and then I stumble into a deep dark hole of awe and inspiration before coming across their travel tips section.

bI am reminded that even after all these years of travelling I too stumble at times and forget to follow others and my own advice. The biggest one is airline miles, I always forget to sign up and never check who is apart of a bigger rewards program.

So without further adieu these are our top travel hacks you simply cannot forget to follow in 2017!

Sign up to the airlines reward programs. Honestly, do it now and reap the rewards. Learn from our mistakes.

Pack lighter. There’s no need to have 20 different outfit changes for a one week trip to Bali. You can do without that extra t-shirt and no you don’t need all three pairs of jeans.

Put the camera down. This is our biggest lesson we learnt in 2016 as there are so many devices to capture memories with. Take a few snaps with your DSLR, vlog the moment, pack away the drone, stop recording on the 360 camera, finish your Snapchat story, complete your Instagram story, say goodbye to your Facebook livestream and just breathe and enjoy the moment.

Get travel insurance. I hope you are doing this because c’mon don’t be cheap you will regret it if anything goes wrong.

Use packing cubes. This we only started using at Christmas time but I cannot recommend them enough. Your bag is so neat and packing becomes an easy and not at all a daunting task.

Download offline maps. We use Here maps to download offline before we got but you can also type “OK maps” into the Google Maps app to get a download of the area.

Skip the hotel and use AirbnbYou will save so much money and get to live like a local in a locals house.

What travel hack do we need to add to the list?


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  • Emma Brady

    I like ” put the camera down ” – a tip you don’t hear too often but it’s so important to be present in the moment to capture that memory not just on your phone or camera! And I only ever Airbnb it now, as a solo traveller it’s so much cheaper and feels a little more comforting to be in someone else’s home while you are travelling by yourself! Thanks for your interesting, insightful posts, looking forward to more!

  • Words to live by: pack lighter…. 🙂 x