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We recently returned from a 6 day sea kayaking trip through Desolation Sound in British Columbia, Canada. This sound has some of the most warmest waters in all of Canada and also some of the most beautiful scenery we have ever laid eyes on. 

If you are travelling through B.C. and want to experience the true Canadian wilderness we highly recommend you spend a few nights exploring Desolation Sound. Here are 5 things we suggest you do to ensure you experience everything Desolation Sound has to offer. 

Sea Kayaking

Desolation Sound is one of the most beautiful paddling destinations on the West Coast, therefore sea kayaking had to be number one on our list. The waters are extremely calm, allowing you to effortlessly paddle through the narrow inlets whilst being greeted by majestic fjords and towering 6,000 ft. snow capped peaks. 

Whale Watching

B.C.’s North Coast offers some of the best whale watching in the world. There are a number of whale watching tours from Campbell River that will take you around the area on the search for orcas and humpback whales migrating during March through to October. 

However, if you want a more intermit and natural way to spot an orca we suggest you check out Orca Camp, nearby at Johnstone Strait.


There are a number of campsites scattered throughout Desolation Sound. The most beautiful island to camp on in our opinion is West Curme Island. It is a small, rocky island with 360° views of beautiful mountains and neighbouring islands.

If you are wanting the full camp experience, s’mores and all, then we suggest checking out Martin Islands as it is one of the only islands where camp fires are permitted.

desolation sound


With warm, emerald waters abundant with marine life, Desolation Sound is a divers dream.  You can experience colourful wall dives, wreck dives, deep dives, shore dives and simple sight-seeing dives with incredible wildlife.


Our favourite hike in Desolation Sound is the one on Tenedos Bay that leads to Unwin Lake. This freshwater lake is so warm (no icy cold Canadian waters here) and the perfect way to cool off after a day of hiking through the bay. 

Desolation Sound


What areas have you explored in British Columbia?

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