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Organising a trip is so exciting, which means it can be easy to forget somethings you really need to organise before you hit the road. Here are 5 things we have forgotten in the past that we don’t want you forgetting as well!

1. Is your passport and visa up to date?

Imagine organising this amazing trip across Europe, the trip you have always dreamed of. You excitedly drive to the airport and pull out our passport only find out you can’t go because your passport is about to expire! Most countries require that your passport be valid for six months after your return date. So always keep an eye on those expiries dates when you start planning any trip!

2. Is your phone unlocked?

Unlocking your phone is so important. Instead of paying ridiculous monthly rates, you can simply head to a little phone kiosk and buy a sim with some data. You can then get around using your phones GPS (you can also have a cheeky Instagram scroll during your morning coffee).

3. Are you vaccinated?

Your health should always be number one. Before you go travelling have a google and find out if you need  any travel vaccinations to prevent you from getting sick at your exotic destination.

4. Have you packed too much?

I am sure we have all been culprits of overpacking. I feel the best way to get around this is to grab everything you think you need, then cut that pile in half! Do you really need 3 white t-shirts and 7 jeans? Plus, you will then have room in your case if you want to do any cheeky shopping, you never know where you will find a good deal.

5. How are you going to buy stuff?

On our first ever holiday overseas, we arrived and first thing we needed was to get some cash out. We went to the ATM and it suddenly hit us … how much are we going to get charged for this international transaction (and it ended up being a lot). We now always grab a travel card from our local bank (which is Commonwealth if any Aussie’s are wondering) and we stock it up with the international currency we need. For us, there are no charges for transferring money or using our card to purchase items overseas.

Is there something you forgot to organise that affected your travels?

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