During our travels we are addicted to capturing every moment, but we don’t like to carry around our DSLR 24/7 – this is where our iPhone comes in. Some of our favourite photographs have been taken on our iPhone camera, especially during spontaneous times when it was the easiest camera available to quickly grab and take the shot.

However, it was only recently that we realised there were gadgets out there to enhance the iPhone camera and since then we have been using our iPhone camera just as much as our DSLR!

Here are 5 must-have iPhone camera accessories that will take your iPhone photography to the next level.

1. Gorillapod

We beli51aMa99juHL._SL1000_eve a tripod is the number one essential accessory for any photographer, and your iPhone camera is no different. A tripod is essential for long exposures, timelapses and self-portraits. We highly recommend the Gorillapod made just for smartphones. It has 3 sturdy, bendy legs that can stand up right or twist around anything – many you can use it literally anywhere. 



2. Olloclip

41vdfvWP5IL._SX300_Did you know you can change your iPhone lens? The Olloclip three-in-one camera lens features fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro lenses in one small package. The lens simply clip onto the side of your iPhone and makes your photography so much more versatile.



3. The Pocket Spotlight

iphone-flash-6b1d_600.0000001357848461-480x320The Pocket Spotlight is a continuous light source you can mount to your phone’s headphone jack or off-camera in your hand. The flash function is terrible on the iPhone, instead using The Pocket Spotlight you can have constant light, set your focus and exposure and then snap away – and yes, it is amazing for those selfies. 

4. The Camalapse

camalapseNLWe LOVE taking timelapse videos of beautiful locations we travel to. If you want smooth panning timelapse videos The Camalapse is what you need. It is a simple rotating stand for your iPhone that allows you to take incredible 360° timelapse videos. 




5. Motorised Phone Stabiliser

fly-x3-motorized-phone-gimbal-6be0_600.0000001414186258For those that like to capture video on their iPhone, this gadget is a must. The Fly-X3 is a motorised phone stabiliser that is designed to give you incredibly smooth videos, without needing to whip out your bulky, expensive camera gear.



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What is your must-have iPhone camera accessory?

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