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The days here in Vancouver are getting warmer and warmer which calls for one thing – an ultimate summer road trip.

We are picking up our car in a few hours and heading to Alberta for a week on the road. Yes this is our first time driving on the wrong side of the road and yes we are a little terrified!

After a little research we have found some incredible apps that will ensure our road trip will run smoothly, allowing us to concentrate on driving on the right side of the road – and to ensure we have the ultimate summer road trip!

Here are our 5 favourite road trip apps…


This app was recommended to us by a viewer and we are so thankful they shared this app with us! As we are travelling outside of our home country and depend on Wi-Fi for internet we had no clue how we were going to navigate our way around Canada (and yes we did buy a map to attempt to road trip it the old school way). BUT now that we have downloaded HERE we don’t need to worry. We can simply download the maps we will need in advance, they are stored offline and works just like a GPS without the roaming charges. Lifesaver!

Download for iPhone here & Android here.

2. Roadtrippers

Roadtrippers is our favourite web/mobile app to plan out a road trip. You plot in where you want to go and the app calculates the approximate trip mileage, travel time, and fuel cost. It even shows you points of interest along your route you may want to check out. It is one super handy road trip app!

Download for iPhone here & Android here.

3. Gasbuddy

Gas Buddy uses your location to find the cheapest gas around you. The last thing you want to do on a road trip is blow all your money on fuel. This way when you are starting to run low you can see where the cheapest gas station is and fill up there, instead of waiting and having your only option at triple the price.

Download for iPhone here & Android here.

4. RoadNinja

If you are on a road trip and not too sure where a good place is to stop we have you sorted. RoadNinja provides users with the locations of local sites, restaurants, gas stations and points of interest near every highway exit. Something pretty cool is that the app also gives you special offers and coupons offered to RoadNinja users.

Free for iPhone and Android here.

5. HotelsByMe

If you don’t like to over-organise your road trips and you simply want to drive where the day takes you than this app is perfect for you. HotelsByMe will let you know what hotels are available near you once you decide you want to pull in for the night. Offering real-time availability and hotel pricing in your area, this app pulls hotel ratings from TripAdvisor – so you can find out if the hotel is at a crazy low price for a reason.

Download for iPhone here and Android here.

What is your favourite road trip app?

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