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I still remember the moment I stepped off the plane into a new country. I was 18 and had never been outside of my Australian bubble. People close to me had little travel experience and I simply dived into the world of exploring head first, not knowing what to expect.

7 years later and I have now been to a number of countries from around the world. I thought I would share with you a few little tips I have learnt along the way for those first time travellers about to embark on there first trip to a new and exciting part of the world.

1. Be open to learning new things.

2. A little planning is always a good idea, over planning is never a good idea.

3. Get up early.

4. Travel while you’re young.

5. Take lots of photos.

6. Don’t listen to those telling you why you shouldn’t live your dreams and why you must conform.

7. Travel insurance IS important.

8. Try the local food.

9. There is no such thing as too many batteries and SD cards.

10. Learn how to say hello, thank you and sorry in the local language.

11. Be polite and smile … it will go along way.

12. Get out of your comfort zone and try something that scares you.

13. Ensure you passport is valid (you can not travel if it expires in the next 6 months)

14. Always bring along something to entertain yourself during those long haul flights, otherwise you may be staring at the back of a seat for the next 6 hours.

15. Respect local customs, remember you are the visitor.

16. Stay in touch with those back home.

17. Talk to the locals. Learn from them.

18. Don’t be afraid to splurge on those once in a lifetime opportunities.

19. The key to travel is being flexible.

20. Meet other travellers, share stories and make new friends from all around the globe.

21. Don’t over pack.

22. At times you will feel uncomfortable, and thats okay.

23. Travel off AND on the beaten path. We love seeing those touristy attractions as well as those secret places only a few ever get to experience.

24. Ignore all other opinions on how you should travel. If you aren’t a backpacker kinda person then stay in that nice hotel room. Find a way of travel that best suits you, and do it!

25. Enjoy every moment. Life was meant to be lived.

What advice would you give to a first time traveller?

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