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Cape Town seriously has it all. Some of the worlds best beaches, breathtaking scenery and unmissable wildlife. During our recent travels through South Africa we found ourselves in Cape Town with only 24 hours to see as much of the Cape.

After a busy (but well worth it) 12 hour day on a mini-road trip with 34° South Tours we now feel like we can cross Cape Town off our list – we really saw it all! Here’s how we spent a day exploring our favourite South African city.

Table Mountain

On a clear, calm day in Cape Town there is no better activity than to head up the Cable Car to the iconic flat top of Table Mountain. A 5 minute ride in the rotating Cable Car will take you straight to the top where a 360° view of Cape Town awaits with its bustling city, stunning waters and sandy white beaches.

We recommend you charge up your camera batteries so you can spend some time wandering around and taking pictures of the views below as well as the beautiful flora and fauna on the mountain itself.

34° South Tours

34° South Tours

Chapman’s Peak Drive

You may think that you have seen all of the incredible scenery Cape Town has to offer, but you haven’t. You simply can not miss the opportunity to cruise along Chapman’s Peak Drive. Regarded as one of the world’s most scenic road trips, it is a 5.5 mile journey along Cape Town’s west coast. You will have the Cape’s gorgeous coastline on one side and mountains rising above you on the other.

If you see any places to stop we recommend jumping out and taking your time so you can enjoy the views away from the car window.

34° South Tours

Cape Point

Located at the very tip of the Cape Peninsula, about 60km from the city, Cape Point is a destination you will not want to miss. With beautiful coastline, amazing hiking spots, a chance to do some whale watching and if your lucky you may catch a glimpse of some of the different animals in the reserve – it’s definitely worth the drive out.

During the drive through our van was attacked by baboons, which as scary as it sounds we kind of hope it happens to you too as it really added some excitement to our day.

We recommend taking a trip up to the viewpoint below the lighthouse in the Flying Dutchman funicular, and after enjoying the views grab a pizza to-go & drink from the restaurant and have a little picnic outside (just watch out for cheeky monkeys wanting to join you).

34° South Tours

34° South Tours

Boulders Beach

Penguins in Africa!? Yep, you heard us right. If you head down to explore Boulders Beach while in Cape Town you will be greeted to the sound of hundreds of penguins lounging on the white, sandy shore.

Part of the Table Mountain National Park, Boulders Beach gives you the opportunity to explore dunes and stunning coastline along wooden walkways in search of the friendly black and white characters, the African Penguins that are found here.

34° South Tours

How To Explore Cape Town

If you find yourself having 24 hours to see the best that Cape Town has to offer you will need a mode of transportation, trust us Cape Town is huge! We highly recommend taking a guided tour to these unmissable spots to ensure you get there safely, while you sit back, relax and take in the breath taking views instead of keeping your eyes on the road while you travel from place to place.

Book the Cape Point & Peninsula Tour from $110pp.

Stephen and Jess signoff

Flying The Nest was kindly invited by 34° South Tours to experience Cape Town for the day, however our opinion is, as always, our own.


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