17. House in the Clouds, Thorpeness, Suffolk

Originally built as a water tower, House in the Clouds was converted into a home in 1978, with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms.



16. Nautilus House, Mexico

Ever wonder what life would be like living inside a giant shell? This exact thought inspired this beautifully crafted home. A giant wall of coloured mosaics light up the living space in a stunning rainbow effect. A young couple with two children from Mexico City wanted to live in something closer to nature and this was the finishing product.

Nautilus House Mexico


15. Solar Furnace, Odeillo, France

This is the worlds largest solar furnace. It is made up of 10,000 mirrors that concentrate the sun rays to generate power. It can reach temperatures of up to 3000°C (5,430 degrees Fahrenheit).



14. The Hole House, Texas, United States

Formed by a disaster of the space time continuum? A result of an earthquake? Of course, none of these answers a true. Back in 2005 two houses were organised to be demolished, however, before being torn down, they were turned into a limited time art piece that came to be known as “The Hole House”.

hole house


13. Shoe House, Pennsylvania, United States

Built in 1948, this shoe shaped house has 3 bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a living room across five levels. It was originally built as a guest house, then used as an ice cream parlour and has currently been restored and guided tours are now being offered through this unusual property.



12. Blur Building, Switzerland

From afar it looks like a cloud strangely bound to the earth. But if you get a little closer you will realise the building is covered in man-made fog. The Blur Building is a suspended platform that sprays tiny drops of lake water into the air from 31,400 jets, creating the misty effect. It was built for the sixth annual Swiss National Exhibition and can host up to 400 visitors at a time.

blur building switzerland


11. The Cubic Houses, Netherlands

During WWII many Rotterdam buildings were destroyed. The architects had a bit of fun redesigning many areas in new, modern and surprising styles. One example is The Cubic Houses, designed in the 1980s. They are basic, standard houses, yet have been turned on a 45 degree angle. The cubes have sparked so much interest by the public that one owner decided to buy and manage a “show cube” to keep tourists from disturbing the rest of the residents.

Cubic House


10. Free Spirit Spheres, Qualicum Beach, Canada

These 3 spherical tree houses are suspended in a patch of Vancouver Island forest. They were built to provide a spiritual connection for guests to the forest, swaying in time with the trees. Would you book a night in one of these circular rooms?



9. Atomium, Belgium

Built in 1958, the Atomium building consists of nine interconnected steel spheres that together form the atomic crystal structure of iron. It was designed for the World Fair in Brussels, containing a restaurant, exhibition spaces and a dormitory for visiting school children.

atomium belgium


8. Montreal Biosphère, Canada

The Biosphere is a museum, dedicated to preserving the environment. It was constructed in 1967 and up until 1976 the dome had acrylic panels covering it, a fire burnt away the panels, but the steel structure survived.

montreal biosphere


7. Kvivik Igloo, Faroe Islands

Do you want to stay in an igloo, but not get frostbite? Then you need to visit the Kvivik Igloo off the coast of Denmark. The structure is 300 square feet and features a kitchen, living room and a loft with a double bed. It has an eco-friendly feel and is surrounded by mountain and ocean views.

Kvivik Igloo


6. Wonderworks, Pigeon Forge, United States

Wonderworks buildings can be found throughout the USA, and trust us, if you saw one you wouldn’t miss it. They are a chain of entertainment centers containing interactive and educational exhibits, as well as fun games such as Laser Tag.



5. Toilet Shaped House, Suweon, South Korea

The mayor of Suwon, South Korea at the time built a toilet shaped, two story home to mark the 2007 inaugural meeting of the World Toilet Association (yes, that is a real thing). The major, Jae-Duck, was reportedly born in a restroom and was an advocate for clean, efficient, and working sanitation for more than 2 billion people living without toilets worldwide. After seeing the house he built I guess it is certain that he truly was really into toilets.



4. The Piano House, Anhui, China

This unusual piano and violin shaped building was constructed in 2007 and serves as a showroom for exhibiting the plans for newly created districts of Shannan in China. The glass covered violin houses the escalators and the staircase for the main piano building, which displays various plans and development prospects for newly developed areas. Due to its unusual shape it has became quite the tourist attraction, and even sees newly weds taking photos in front of it.



3. Kansas City Public Library, USA

The south wall of this library’s parking lot resembles a bookshelf and we think it looks pretty amazing! Each book is around 25 feet tall and was constructed as an homage to 22 favourite literary titles, chosen by patrons of the library.



2. The House of Stone, Fafe, Portugal

A real-life stone house, straight out of The Flintstones, can be found in the Fafe mountains of northern Portugal. The House of Stone was built between four large boulders found on the site. Even though it is made of cold, hard, rock, it certainly isn’t lacking in amenities – including a fireplace and swimming pool all carved out of the large rocks.

Stone House


1. The Crooked House, Sopot, Poland

We have seen mirrors play tricks on our eyes, but certainly not an entire house. This crooked house was designed as an homage to children’s book illustrator Jan Marcin Szancer’s work. It was designed and built in 2004 and gets thousands of people coming to take photos and enter the Rezydent shopping center daily.



Now to you. What is the most bizarre building you have ever seen?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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