1. Black Sand Beach, Hawaii

The name speaks for itself.

10 Unusual Beaches You Would of Never Heard Of Photos


2. Pink Sand Beach, Bahamas

Again, the name gives it away. Eroded particles from red corals has given this beaches sand a pinkish glow.

10 Unusual Beaches You Would of Never Heard Of Photos


3. Bioluminescent Beach, The Maldives

And you thought The Maldives couldn’t get any prettier! Bioluminescent phytoplanton are found throughout the Maldives, which glows when agitated, giving the ocean its very own stars.

10 Unusual Beaches You Would of Never Heard Of Photos


4. Hidden Beach, Mexico

This secret paradise was created when the Mexican government in the early 1900’s made a bombsite out of the area, blasting a huge hole on the canopy of the grotto. This has caused this idyllic hidden gem.

10 Unusual Beaches You Would of Never Heard Of Photos


5. Whitehaven Beach, Australia

Not only is Whitehaven Beach a photographers dream, it has been awarded the most eco-friendly beach in the world! These stunning white beaches contain large amounts of silicia, which doesn’t retain heat, allowing visitors to walk around barefoot even on the sunniest of days.

10 Unusual Beaches You Would of Never Heard Of Photos


6. Hot Water Beach, New Zealand

Make sure you head down with a shovel because at this beach you can dig your very own DIY spa. This beach is geothermal, getting as hot as 64°C (147°F)! So come down and relax in your very own natural spa.

10 Unusual Beaches You Would of Never Heard Of Photos


7. Maho Beach, St Maarten

We have been lucky enough to visit the mind blowing Maho Beach, here you can literally jump up and touch a plane as it lands meters away from you at Princess Juliana International Airport.

10 Unusual Beaches You Would of Never Heard Of Photos


8. Chandipur Beach, India

Every morning, the sea at Chandipur Beach disappears, receding up to 5 kilometers from the shore. This gives visitors the opportunity to walk in the sea, exploring the sea bed on foot. But you need to keep an eye out for the high tide to come back in as the sea rushes back into place. This phenomenon happens twice a day throughout the year!

10 Unusual Beaches You Would of Never Heard Of Photos


9. Pig Beach,  Big Major Cay, Bahamas

Big Major Cay is populated by feral pigs who seem to enjoy lounging around and swimming in the clear waters of the Bahamas.

10 Unusual Beaches You Would of Never Heard Of Photos


10. Glass Beach, Fort Bragg, California

This beach is indeed covered in sea glass particles, coming from years of discarded glass washed up on the shore. Similar beaches can also be found in Hawaii.

10 Unusual Beaches You Would of Never Heard Of Photos


Do you want to go to any of these beaches? 


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  • Meg

    Always wanted to go to the Maldives!! Any beach looks wonderful as I look outside my window and see snow falling! Happy Friday!

  • All these beaches look amazing! Would love to visit these one day.

  • Rate the Plate Utah

    The black sand beach you are sharing a picture of is actually called “Punalu’u Black Sand Beach”. One that may have been interesting to have on this list (and is less well known than Punalu’u) is Papkolea Green Sand Beach…on the Big Island, as well.

  • lol who would have thought eve the pigs like Bahamas water! I was going to beach the Hidden beach in Mexico but it was so far, a detour I couldn’t afford.

  • Wow! These are awesome!


    Ive been to Whitehaven and wanna go back! But i would love to swim with pigs! Also, there are quite a few black sand beaches in the Philippines and Indonesia because of all the volcanic soil!

    • We are planning a trip to the Bahamas mainly based on the fact we want to get a selfie with a pig on the beach!!

  • That glass beach looks like the coolest! Great list!

    • I know! I am making it our mission to visit every single of these beaches!

    • Sandy

      It’s covered in what is basically litter, not so green mate, it’s an entire beach of rubbish

      • breakingbabylon

        hey sandy, we are all aware how this beach was formed. as a matter of fact, there was even a description under the photograph of it. not so nice mate. that’s an entire attitude of rubbish you’ve got.

        • mynetdude

          no; rubbish is when you leave it behind and its filthy & harmful to the enviornment; this isn’t rubbish at all… its glass that washed ashore from being discarded elsewhere and the saltwater has done its magic to the glass. BTW don’t you know glass is made from sand at some point? 😛

          • banchara

            actually, it was discarded right there, as that used to be the Fort Bragg municipal dump last century. It is pretty beautiful what trash can produce after years of sea action, but some of the other particles one finds are not as pretty as they are interesting.

      • Jewels

        It is litter, because it was once a junkyard. I am blessed to live only an hour away from there. The beach itself is not rubbish, but beautiful. It is a reminder that good overpowers bad. Each piece of “rubbish” has been hugged by all of the love the ocean could muster and is left behind as an amazing, unique item that a visitor can take home and cherish. I once found what seemed to be an old shoe sole, but it was smooth and pretty. A recycled beach??? Sounds pretty green to me mate. ;]

    • Anna

      That picture isn’t the glass beach in Hawaii.. It’s a picture of Fort Bragg in California ^_^

      • Jessica Valentine

        Thanks for pointing that out for us 🙂

    • Jewels

      I live an hour away and it is pretty rad! ;D

      • sugarray

        That’s great, I’ll meet you there

  • Drew Valentine

    swimming with dolphins? swimming with pigs is where it’s really at

  • No Bali? 🙁 Sad

  • creativenomad

    These are pretty awesome!

  • wow …amazing places


  • Steph @ Every Steph

    Wow, some amazing beaches here! I would especially love to visit the Pig Beach, one of the strangest I’ve ever heard of 🙂

    • Ever since I stumbled upon Pig Beach I am obsessed!! My mission is to go there sometime next year!!

      • JJ

        I went there last year, it was amazing! We took our boat over to the pig island every day while we were there.

  • These are so incredible! Now it’s my mission too! Especially the black sand one!

  • Dave

    I went to the black sand beach when I was kid and lived in Hawaii – took a small jar full of it, but found out that we were not supposed to do so. It was a perfect excuse to return!

  • Rand

    Ha that pig beach got me, and the glass beach looks so similar to the one if Fort Bragg, CA.

    • Jessica Valentine

      Yeah, there are a few glass beaches in California 🙂

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  • Shelly Rae Schwochert

    ive been to the black sand beach in Hawaii, its truely breathtaking!

  • They look amazing! The Hawaii beach doesn’t surprise because most beaches in Azores also have black sand 🙂 I would love the number 10 for sure.

  • Jonny B Gone

    Stunning photos… Especially that glass beach at the end. Remarkable!

  • OMG i love pigs!! i def need to make it out to the beach in the bahamas to swim with pigs.

    • Michael Anderson

      Yep and then pick one for a pig roast for sure!

    • Michael Anderson

      Yep and then pick one for a pig roast for sure!

    • I like pigs myself, but I wouldn’t swim with ferals. Have you seen what they can do to anything they take a fancy to and that includes humans.

  • lumabu

    That is an old, old photograph of Glass Beach …. the large glass is nearly all gone. 🙁

  • Incredible!! All of the them are really amazing, but my favourite are the one with the turtles!!

    • Himanshu

      Welcome to INDIA

      • ILoveChipotle89

        The land of inequality

        • Himanshu Vaishnav

          don’t know what you mean, but it ain’t no land of inequality.

          • ILoveChipotle89

            Inequality in terms of social structure and wealth, its pretty hard to deny that. As an Indian and current NRI every time I go to India it’s as if socially things never change. People still abiding by caste when it comes to marriage and relationships, personal or business. Take a look at the indian black market and look at how much those involved are profiting. lakhs, crores, more than any hardworking legal income earning indian is which is a damn shame. What equality do you see in India?

          • Harsh Shah

            Hello Sir, I would like to say that you are still living in 20th century India and have no idea whatsoever of what India has achieved in terms of the so called social structure and wealth and recognition worldwide.When there is some crime or scandal committed, it cannot be generalised for the entire nation. You are saying as if there is no crime and illegal activities in foreign countries. With such a huge population(which is a little more than the total population of USA, UK, Australia, Canada and the entire Europe ), it takes time and courage to see changes. I do believe that there is still inequality in some places but, its this inequality is actually diversity that it possesses. For such a huge country, you can take example of any crime and you must not compare it to any other country but with the total crime in all the above countries than you are actually being fair.

            It is quite easy to curse or pity a child which has some disability but it takes real guts to motivate and support the child to a better life. I must say Sir that the culture that it possesses is what you should be proud of and it feels very sad to see that today when even countries across the globe are able to see the potential that India has got and you being an Indian are not able to identify it. Even after earning Crores of Rupees, even Steve jobs had resorted to Haridwar, (a pilgrimage place in India) to get the Spiritual and mental recovery. You would always get to earn lots of money by going abroad and there is no harm in doing that, but you will actually learn the way of living with eternal happiness when you will feel the culture( so called inequality in your terms) and meditation, that is one of the many extremely useful things given to the world by India.

          • ILoveChipotle89

            Eternal happiness huh? You are missing my point, by the way Steve Jobs went to Haridwar in 1974 when he was not making any money since Apple did not even exist at that time. My issue is not with culture, I’m a Sardar and keep my punjabi culture very close to me. Please do not insult my intelligence, I was born and raised in Ludhiana during the 80s when relations between the state and country were the absolute worst which is mainly why I left. Are you going to tell me that my living perception of India is unjust? Can you tell me how much eternal happiness I was experiencing there when the government destroyed the golden temple and media blacked out coverage all over the country? Are you going to tell me that social relations were great between us Sikhs and the rest of India? The India I grew up in sure is different then from now and sure great strides have been taken but I take it that you haven’t visited Punjab lately. I’m a land owner and visit india multiple times each year, this year I have already been in January and May, would you like to know why? Land disputes as random people from my pindh or trying to claim my land as theirs. This is the 6th time this type of dispute has happened and every time the claimant is a different person and each time I was able to win the case. When I first discussed the issue with the local police do you know what their first suggestion was? To pay them 20,000 RS to beat up the opposition into taking back their claim. Corruption much? If you were to compare Punjab to the rest of India the results are shocking. Why is it that CM Badal and his associates are regulating drug trade into the state when 65% of Punjabs youth has a serious drug problem. Why did nothing happen to Badal when his part owned company was responsible for the molestation and death of a young girl? On top of that he bribed the dead girls father with 40 lakhs. You definitely do not see those types of crimes and corruption happening in western countries. Yes US senators and governors could be responsible for crimes such as money laundering or tax fraud but defintely not illegal drug trafficking or death cover ups. Can you please elaborate on your point about inequality being mistaken for diversity? A big part of punjabi culture is supposed to be equality however how can that be when majority of my family that still resides in punjab believes in the caste system? does it matter if someone is a jatt or chumar, apparently it really does still to this day. Don’t be ignorant, the only way for a country to progress is to point out the issues wrong with the society and work to correct them. There are many things India should be praised for don’t get me wrong but lets not take a blind eye towards the current ills.

          • Mella Yella

            I would argue about US senators and governors being responsible for illegal drug trafficking or death cover ups. Have you never read about the Clinton family? Bill and Hillary are some of America’s biggest government criminals. Have been since the 70’s. Learn about Mena Airport in Arkasas. Learn about their political opponents and worker aids that have died “mysteriously”. I’m not comparing the US to India. Simply sliding back the curtain.

          • Aadhya

            how can u say that india is not equal,in equal??Being an indian,u should be proud and not say that india is the land of inequality! even i was a NRI 3 years ago and whenever i came to india i always wished when we will come back to india from dubai! india is a very very vast land of inequality !!!!

    • Thanks to Pinterest I guess I’ve heard of 80% of those beaches, but none-the-less, it is a great list of places to take the shoes off and walk down. Unfortunately, there is very little to “discover” for ourselves on this planet – but still tonnes of beauty. The photo below is on Whitehaven beach… https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/163cab09d3469f79a7183d4b2799f2c91ae53e51e4b894ec6d8f0934be1d2fea.jpg

  • kateoconor

    Typo in number seven! Tough = touch 🙂 love the list! can’t wait to explore the world myself!

  • AvaintiBabayan

    i would like to go to there, and there, and there, oh and there… I need a vacation…

  • i pick up number 3 so romantic one

  • Casey O’Connell

    What an awesome list!!! My #1 would have to be the bioluminescent beach in the Maldives- I have been dying to go to Maldives, and this beach just makes me want to go right now!!!

  • I would gladly visit Chandipur Beach to see so many turtles around

  • Sabine @ The Travelling Chilli

    That bioluminescent beach in the Maldives looks amazing. Wanna go 🙂

  • Melody

    oh my! you’ve stirred the wanderlust and i just got back from 2 of these beaches last week! amazing pictures and great stories. shared your post. wow!

  • Maledives, I’ll give everything to go there. Especially, when it comes to Bioluminescent Beach, it’s beautyful. Mexico is my second choice 🙂

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  • Holly

    Beautiful shore line beaches. #HealthyHeadie Holly would like to visit them all as well. #pigsswim

  • Brianna @ The Casual Travelist

    I adore the pink sand beaches in Bermuda!

  • Don’t Forget To Move

    Gorgeous photos! I’ve only been to the glass beach in Kauai, it was beautiful but not as much glass now that people have taken so much! I’d love to go to the pig island!!

  • Alli Blair

    Oh my gosh,that glass beach is stunning. The pink beach is super neat, too! Although my favourite here is definitely the glowing beach in the Maldives! That is absolutely gorgeous.

  • What do I travel for

    Cool! Loved the pig beach! 😀

  • susan_aksu

    Pink Sand and Hidden Beach look amazing!! We have a glass beach here in northern California. It’s pretty cool!

  • Those beaches are gorgeous!! 😀

  • uneventoast

    Hawaii and the Maldives joint winners for me!

  • Katie McGrain

    Love Maho Beach! (though I have never seen it so crowded before!). Pig Beach is adorable! I would love to go there!

  • Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff

    I actually heard of all but one of these.

  • April Plants

    I love looking for beach glass, it is made into jewelry & can bring a nice price. I would love to go to Glass Beach.

  • Rohotash

    Pig Beach, Big Major Cay, Bahamas Looks like the best beach

  • Kristen Sarra

    They all look so beautiful but the glass beach must be so beautiful and different. I’m on the West Coast a lot and will have to checkout next time!

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  • Kukushkin

    How can I never heard of glass beach when I already had three road trips thru Cali.
    I am so ashamed of myself missing this opportunity. I wanna badly go there and of course Whitehaven in Australia hopefully, one day.

  • The Glass Beach is breathtaking!

  • myself methinks

    swimming with pigs.story of my life

  • These beaches look amazing! The pig beach looks really cute.

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  • Wow, the bioluminescent beach is breathtaking!
    But my favorite beach is definitely the Pig Beach, it’s so going into my travel bucket list…I have never seen anything so cute and funny in my entire life.

    Great posts!

  • susan_aksu

    Pink sands looks intense! ALSO, I’ve been to Ft. Bragg’s Glass Beach, it was about 2 hours south my university and I used some of the pebbles for my fish tank haha

  • fab list! I want it to be summer all over again.

  • Oh wow the pink sand beach is gorgeous! Fort Bragg is on my list for 2015.

  • Christine Messina

    I love this list! The plane would freak me out though!

  • Wow – gorgeous! Being Australian, I’ve already to been to Whitehaven beach (stunning) looks like I have a few more to check out…

  • Els Mahieu

    Wow, the Maldives one looks wonderful! I indeed had never heard of most of those beaches. Not sure about the St Maarten one though, doesn’t look like the most relaxing spot 🙂

  • bethybrain

    8. Chandipur Beach, India
    why is this special. it’s called tide. it happens at every beach. everywhere.

    • Erinn

      A 5k tide? Definitely doesn’t happen at every beach, everywhere.

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  • This is really cool. I have only been to one of these beaches. The one in New Zealand. I would love to go to most of the others (not the one with the plane).

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  • Stunning! I went to Bioluminescent Bay in Fajardo, PR, and I would love to get to the bio beach in the Maldives! 😀

  • Lezdnyc

    Maho beach is amasing

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  • Eva

    I have surprisingly been to 3 of those beaches! They are all certainty amazing and my husband and I love to travel to new beaches!

  • Laureen Guthrie

    All of them are awesome! And for once in my life I can say I have actually been to one! Maho Beach in St Maarten! It’s got to be experienced, so cool!

    • Jessica Valentine

      That is the only one we have experienced so far as well, Laureen. We are hoping to visit more this year!

  • Lauryn Mills

    OMG i love all of them ! take me now!

  • looop

    I belive these are actualy the most popular beaches on the internet!

  • Gidget

    Oh, my word – that plane! No way could I hang out on that beach that would freak me out. Was thrilled to see that I’ve actually been to one of these! and, the Black Sands of Hawaii is truly spectacular. I’m sorry that I missed a glass beach while we were there.

    Here’s one you should add to your “To do” list: Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island, Georgia (USA)

  • Nadeen

    the pigs! oh my gosh. funny! I have heard of a few and have been to the black sand beach in Hawaii.

  • Hope that someday I`ll visit this places

  • ekonomipos


  • carlos

    Glass beach or garbage beach…


    çok şahane

  • Afshan Akely

    awesome scenes of beautiful life.

  • That sea glass is amazing!

  • I am not keen on the Maho Beach – it could be a bit noise!

  • Wonderful place, as the only one tropical city, sanya beach is also very wonderful

  • Ian

    Love these beaches. The pink, black and glowing are so cool!!

  • Jeffrey Miller

    Great Photography, y’all did a great job with this page, It makes me want to travel to all these great destinations. Thank you

  • ankur mitra

    hiden beach mexico & glowing beach maldives are amaging

  • homemaidsimple

    They all look amazing, but I’d love to visit Glass Beach!

  • stillsane

    I know pigs fly, but did not know they swim!!

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  • Happy Cortex

    Beautiful! I’m totally inspired to check out two of these. 🙂

  • Madidi

    Amazing! had no idea those places existed 🙂

  • Johnmike

    Maho Beach is breathtaking for me, but i prefer to visit Whitehaven Beach in Australia, which it looks amazing and steals everyone’s heart for its beauty. Nice Post.

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  • Alechia Reese

    I want to visit every one of them!!!

  • Feisal

    Nice work Jess & Stephen…

  • Awesome pics and good infor, thanks!

  • Awesome pics and good info, thanks!

  • Selena Brown

    Wow! I love this post! So interesting 🙂

  • Awesome , If I meet God, I would wish to visit beaches like these . Great collection !

    • paulvalery

      a) you don’t need to meet “god” to see these beaches, and b) god never seems to take anybody anywhere, most likely because there’s no such thing as “god”.

  • Wow, stunning beaches and amazing photographs. Makes me want to go travelling 🙂

  • Wow, some amazing beaches. I guess sometimes bombs can do good things 🙂 .

  • Never knew about the glass beach. So amazing!

  • Egypt metropolitan travel

    good morning , join us to enjoy holiday at hrughada beach ,diving and snorkiling

  • Incredible! I can’t even believe that there are such beautiful beaches out there! Way to go!

  • Michayla

    I didn’t even know pigs could swim?! haha I love it!

  • clnyule26

    Wow…what a view!!!!

    • motorclub9454

      Yes, it’s incredible

  • clnyule26

    Traveling can be an awesome education!!!

  • Sagitarini

    I’d love to see those beaches at the Bahamas, what is the best way to get there?

  • Crico

    I`m sure that this amazing Butterfly Valley gives you some butterflies ;; )

  • Absolutely beautiful! I would love to visit them all, adding this page to my bucket list!

  • Asiful Islam

    Incredible!! I like to go every beach that listed here but Hidden Beach & Glass Beach will be first may be…

  • James H

    I wonder if there is more odd beaches in the states? The locations posted here are beautiful

    • NMNative

      The Big Island of Hawaii has a green sand beach that is just incredible. Find it on the south end of the island.

  • Christina

    Beautiful! I had no idea these existed on earth – I would love to visit even one of these gorgeous beaches!

  • majic

    Welcome to Morocco

  • BarryM

    We lived in Bermuda for 2 years and none of the beaches are that pink. The photo has be retouched. The pink sand has a very, very faint pink tone to it. Nothing like the dramatic colour in this picture. Bermuda is still awesome and well worth a visit and the beaches are fantastic even if they aren’t all that pink.

  • emagicmtman

    I really shouldn’t tell you about this–but I will since I am incapable of keeping a secret: Playa Maguana, about 10 km. NW of Baracoa, Cuba, via hired car (and driver…the road is abysmal). The beach is surrounded by groves of coconut palms. No crowds here. After a morning or afternoon in the surf (retreat to one of the coconut palm groves before you bake), have a meal in the rustic ranchon-style restaurant (not the govt. snack stand on the beach; rather the family-owned one across the sandy track some meters back from the beach where, for around $6 you can have a leisurely feast of salad, then freshly-caught octopus on a bed of yellow rice, all washed down by some Bucanero beer. Getting there? From Montreal or Toronto fly to Santiago de Cuba, then ViAzul bus from there through Guantanamo City, east about 75 miles, then up and over the mountains on the spectacular La Farola (as breathtaking as the Beartooth Highway from the Silver Gate of Yellowstone to Red Lodge, Montana), then down to the small city of Baracoa, which is a rare treat itself. A different world than the hurly-burly of Habana (or Santiago, for that matter).

  • Ainee

    I live in Maldives!

  • The Bioluminescent phytoplanton in the Maldives is a truly awesome spectacle.

  • Marilyn Acosta

    Digging my own hot tub on the beach was one of my favorite things about New Zealand

  • I love it, so much to explore on this wonderful planet!

  • Quentin Muir

    Incredible pictures they truly capture what it is that you are doing well done

  • Olivia

    I wouldn’t trust myself enough to not come home with one of those feral pigs haha.

  • Incredible and hard to believe. Must be hard to walk on.

  • Ashley Graham

    Amazing and beautiful! I would love to see them all! Thank you for sharing!!

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  • Tami B

    every one of them…amazing. I’d love to visit the black beach and the pink one, too. ANYwhere Bahamas or Hawaii suits me….but I’ll pass on the glass. OUCH!

  • Its the great list of amazing beaches

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  • Hot water beach is the best! I’ve gone there a few times over summer and it is the best place! 😀 The “hidden beach” is a part of my bucket list as well 😀


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  • Sandra Krasnic

    Great post!!

  • I’d love to visit all of these places!

  • krucas

    Picture of number 7. is my dream, I’d only lie and enjoy to watching on the airplanes all day. Amazing place.

  • Amazing! This is making want to hit the beach right now! And I haven’t been to any one of them…

  • Love the one in Mexico!

  • Wow, #7. Must be so loud but totally intriguing!


  • Amazing photos 🙂

  • How do you get out of the Hidden Beach?

    And doesn’t the Glass Beach give you glass wounds?
    Glass Beach reminds me of Gummy Bears btw

  • shekhar

    Amazing Photos Collections

  • Oh wow!! amazing places!! definitely to be seen, all of them but my absolute favourite is the pink sand beach!

    Arkitalker | https://arkitalker.wordpress.com/
    — A blog of architecture, art and culture and a travel diary —

  • really amazing beaches, thanks for sharing!

  • /tourforlife.ru/

    great article!!

  • PIG BEACH baby!!! Since I’ve discovered that one online I’m DYING to go there 😀 That sounds SO cool!!

  • Amazing ……….

  • Great list! Glass beach sounds very interesting to me 😀

  • I like Glass Beach …awesome !


  • These are incredible! I want to visit them all!

  • lyndesloovere

    I want to go to all these beaches! Although I think I would be scared when I would be on Pig Beach..
    xox Lyn

  • hmmmmm

    please come to Bermuda……. beautiful beaches jut 2 hours from new york!!!

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  • athina k

    I don’t believe it ! Are those places exist for real? Great information!!


  • Muhammad Osman Gul

    2 beaches that I would really recommend checking out – Al Aqah Beach (Fujairah, UAE) and Somiani Beach (on the outskirts of Karachi, Pakistan)

  • Ashutosh Joshi

    great beaches , but the glass beaches of california are great

  • Jay Wheeler

    I’ve heard of 8 of those. Great list though!

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  • I’ve visited two of these so far but oh my goodness I need to go to that bioluminescent one!! Well actually all of them… thanks for sharing!

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  • Well it is definitely awesome.

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  • one96.

    Love it!!

  • That Maho Beach looks insane! I’ve always wanted to visit Glass Beach — it’s not too far from here. Someday!

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