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Visiting Queenstown in New Zealand this winter? There are so many incredible things to do during your stay it’s hard to know where to start! Here are 10 things we highly recommend you experience during your time in Queenstown.

1. Go Skiing at Coronet Peak

You can’t visit Queenstown in the winter and not ski! We recommend hitting the slopes at Coronet Peak for a day of skiing on powdered, white snow. Or if you prefer snow boarding …


2. Go Snowboarding at The Remarkables

…head to the Remarkables. After testing out the 2 mountains we suggest Coronet for skiing and Remarkables for snow boardings. These two mountains are also the perfect place for beginners like us (this was our first time ever seeing snow!)

A picture of a girl holding a snowboard in queenstown

3. Try a Fergburger

When we arrived in Queenstown we heard constantly from other travellers and even our concierge that we had to try a Fergburger with claims that they sell the best burgers in the world. So we decided to take them up on it – and yes, the fergburger has been one of the best burgers we have tasted to date.I hate to say it but we have become one of those travellers that will remind others to try a Fergburger when they head into Queenstown.

jess eating a fergburger

4. Go for Drinks at an Ice Bar

The cups are made of ice, the bar is made of ice, the chairs are made of ice .. even the air hockey table is made of ice! For an afternoon of drinks head to the Minus 5º Ice Bar for a unique drinking experience. 



5. Go Luging

At the Skyline Queenstown Luge grab  a luge cart, select your track, and zoom down the mountain at crazy speeds. Then catch the Luge chairlift back to the start zone and do it all over again – trust us, once is never enough!



6. Go Paragliding off a Mountain

You need to experience the amazing rush of paragliding in Queenstown. If you haven’t heard of it, paragliding is simply running off the face of a mountain with a parachute strapped to your back. Sounds dangerous, yet exhilarating doesn’t it? Trust us, its the latter of the two.

Paraglide Queenstown

7. Go Bungy Jumping

Probably Queenstown’s most famous thrill-seeking activity is bungy jumping. Are you brave enough to do it?



8. Take a Scenic Gondola Ride

While exploring the little town of Queenstown we suggest spending some time heading up the gondola, taking you way above the town. The views are absolutely stunning, however we were more amazed with the hot chocolates served at the little cafe right at the top. Seriously, they make the best hot chocolates we have ever had!

A picture of the view of queenstown

9. Take a Day Trip to Milford Sound

Are you  big Lord of the Rings fans? Same! Driving along one of the most scenic routes on the plant, Milford Road is full on cliffs, snow-capped summits, waterfalls, breathtaking valleys. The trip to Milford Sound is about 120km. Look out for The Avenue of the Disappearing Mountain, an optical illusion causes the approaching mountain to get smaller rather than bigger!



10. Go for a Stroll along Lake Wakatipu

If you want a day to relax and take it easy we suggest heading out to the trail that circles Lake Wakatipu. The lake and its surroundings are breathtaking, with cute houses and little jetties along the way. 


Now on to you – what would you add to this incredible list of things to do in Queenstown?

Stephen and Jess signoff


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