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So, we have a few cheeky road trips in the works over the next few months and we have been busy planning away. We feel that road trips are something that kinda needs to be planned for. You don’t want to simply drive where ever the road takes you and a few hours later you’re lost, running out of fuel and have no idea where the closest b&b and gas station is.

Here are 10 essentials we think you are going to need on your next road trip.


Roadtrippers is our favourite web/mobile app to plan out a road trip. You plot in where you want to go and the app calculates the approximate trip mileage, travel time, and fuel cost. It even shows you points of interest along your route you may want to check out. Once the trip is all planned and saved, it can be synced to your iPhone, gives you turn-by-turn navigation and will alert you when you’re passing something worth seeing. It is one super handy road trip app!

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How can you go on a road trip without knowing where you are going? We suggest grabbing a GPS to help navigate you on where to go, however we also recommend to bring along a map book for emergencies! Imagine if your GPS stopped working, then what? The old-school map book is always a good safety measure to bring along on your trip.

A Good Playlist

A road trip isn’t a road trip without the windows down and the music blasting. You need to get a good playlist together to set that road trip mood. Last summer we shared with you all our Sounds of Summer playlist that we are thinking about bringing back for this summers road trip. We love it that much!


Snacks are essential for the ultimate road trip. You never want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with no places to buy food in sight! We love to grab a mini esky and fill it with some tasty snacks and drinks for the drive. We aren’t here to tell you what snacks to bring, you can be as healthy or as naughty as you want – it’s your road trip!


Okay, for us a camera may be even more essential than fuel for our road trips. Road trips make for the coolest photos. Those shots of never ending roads, amazing landscapes you have never experienced before and of course some road trip selfies need to happen. For those that love capturing and filming fun moments, a camera is a must on an ultimate road trip!


Lighter USB Charger Adapter

You know those cigarette lighter thingy’s that are in cars? Well, they actually have a purpose for all those non-smokers out there. Go get yourself a cigarette lighter USB charger adapter and you can charge your phone during those long drives where you know your phone battery wont last the entire trip.

Gas Buddy

Another essential road trip app. Gas Buddy uses your location to find the cheapest gas around you. The last thing you want to do on a road trip is blow all your money on fuel. This way when you are starting to run low you can see where the cheapest gas station is and fill up there, instead of waiting and having your only option at triple the price.


We like making room for a little bag stocked with toiletries to make that ride a little more comfortable. Bring along tissues, cleaning wipes, hand sanitiser, and don’t forget the toilet paper (you never know when you need to go). We also like to bring along some pain killers, sunscreen, bandaids, and insect spray. May be a boring step, but you will thank us for reminding you in the long run.

The Comfies

Be prepared for driving several hours on end by wearing comfortable clothing and shoes. We like to wear some baggy, loose clothing and our Converse. Also, bring along some pillows and blankets and get nice and comfy for the trip ahead.

Car Emergency Kit

You never know what will happen on a road trip. It is always best being safe then sorry. We suggest making up a little emergency kit for your car. If you are like us and know nothing about cars you can always purchase an Emergency Road Assistant Kit with everything you may need.


What are your road trip essentials?

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