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Many of you would probably realise by now that we are pretty obsessed with photography, and we have bags full of camera gear to prove it. Here is our top 10 picks of camera gear must haves for the travel/photography obsessed.

1. Go Pro Hero 4

For us, a Go Pro is a necessity whenever we travel. We always seem to find some sort of adventure sport/activity at each place we visit and we love to capture that experience on film. Get it here.


2. Sony RX100 ii

We have now been daily vlogging for almost 2 months and most of this footage is capture on our little handheld Sony. It films in amazing quality and has built in stabilisation! This camera is a must for any vlogger on the road. Get it here.


3. iPhone Charger Case

We don’t always take photos on our fancy camera gear, sometimes an iPhone is all you need, but the battery gets drained very quickly when you are out and about all the time. We love using an iPhone case that also chargers up your phone – such an awesome idea! Get it here.


4. Lightweight Tripod

If you are into landscape photography you will NEED a lightweight tripod to get those amazing shots! Get it here.


5. Ollo 3-in-1 Lens System for the iPhone

For those that do prefer just taking photos simply on their iPhone, why not take it up a notch with this Ollo 3-in-1 Lens System. Attach it to your iPhone camera and it becomes a macro lens, fisheye lens and wide-angle lens! Get it here.


6. Fujifilm Instant Camera

We love how the Polaroid trend is coming back in. We have seen some awesome travel shots flying around Instagram using the Polaroid theme. Get it here.


7. Waterproof Leather Camera Bag

You got all this gear, but how will you bring it all with you? We suggest getting yourself a good quality, waterproof camera bag. We like the idea of a side bag for easy access when your photographer instincts take over. Get it here.


8. Fujifilm INSTAX Instant Smartphone Printer

If you’ve taken some awesome travel shots on your iPhone and still want that polaroid look then you have to get this little printer. You simply send your image to the printer and BAM you’ve got yourself an instant polaroid picture! Get it here.


9. Polarizer Glass Filter

For all those professional travel photographers out there, we suggest looking into these amazing polarizer glass filters. Firstly, it will protect your lens, kind of like a phone screen protector (it’s cheaper to replace a filter, rather than a lens). It also significantly brings out blues and greens (aka sky and water – perfect for those landscape shots). Get it here.


10. Canon 5D Mark III

Last, but not least is Stephens baby. You will never see him without his Canon 5D. Most photographs on Flying The Nest were taken with this amazing camera, for all of those that keep asking. Get it here.


What is your number 1 travel must haves in camera gear?

                         Stephen and Jess signoff


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  • Glad we could help Julia 🙂 Loving your support, it doesn’t get unnoticed! How cool is the printer!!! such a great idea 😀

  • haha don’t worry we too are also still learning as we go 🙂

  • great list! 🙂 we def have all these except the waterproof camera bag and i can see why that would come in handy. and i’m pretty sure i lost my ollo clip.. i need to look for it!

  • We just upgraded our DSLR to the Canon 70D and know exactly how you feel about it being your baby – I’d sleep with it on the pillow next to me if I could haha. Sooo jealous of your Canon 5D Mark III! Nice to see other people travel with as many cameras as us 😉 love your images!
    – Miranda

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